China Aerospace International Holdings Ltd.


Mr Liu Meisuan:Chairman / Executive Director

An Executive Director and Chairman of the Company. He graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in engineering. From 1987, he held such positions as Vice Plant Director, Plant Director of No. 811 Plant and Director General of General Operation Department of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology; Deputy General Manager, General Manager of China Aerospace Times Electronics Co., Ltd.; President of Aerospace Long March Launch Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. and Chairman of China Aerospace Times Electronics Co., Ltd. From February 2009 to December 2018, he was the Dean of China Academy of Aerospace Electronics Technology, during which he also served as General Manager, Executive Director of China Aerospace Times Electronics Co., Ltd. Mr Liu possesses ample experience in enterprise management. He was appointed as Executive Director and Chairman of the Company in December 2018.

Mr Jin Xuesheng : Executive Director/President

Mr Jin Xuesheng, A Senior Engineer, being an Executive Director and President of the Company. He graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology with an engineering bachelor degree and the University of Lancaster in the United Kingdom with a MBA degree. From 1984, he held such positions as Deputy Division Director and Division Director of the Planning and Operation Division, Engineer and Deputy Factory Director at Capital Engineering Factory under China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, as well as Managing Director of Langfang Hangxing Packaging Machinery Company Limited, the Vice President and Financial Controller of China Spacesat Company Limited (stock code: 600118), the shares of which are listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Aerospace Satellite Applications Company and Deputy General Manager of Aerospace Technology Investment Holdings Limited, as well as the Director, Deputy General Manager and Financial Controller of Shanghai Aerospace Technology Investment Management Company Limited, a subsidiary of the Company, from November 2006.. Among which, he was the Executive Director and Vice President of the Company from September 1999 to May 2001, a Non-Executive Director of the Company in March 2008 and was re-designated as an Executive Director and appointed as Executive Vice President in May 2010. He resigned the position of Executive Director in December 2018 but remained the position of Executive Vice President. Mr Jin possesses extensive corporate management experience, especially the experience in financial management.

Ms Lan Guihong : Financial Controller

Mr Han Jinguang : Vice President

Mr Qi Zhan : Vice President of Business Development